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No lag - ECC RAM and NVMe SSD

No more waiting for your chunks to generate or server to start. Our RAM quality of ECC 2133 MHz combined with a monster CPU of 3.6/4.0 GHZ will not disappoint you.

1-click install — over 150 free plugins.

Get access to over 150 free plugins from our Plugins Installer.

Plug and Play - No Time Wasted

Stop wasting your time configuring plugins, simply choose from 15 modern premade setups

No more lagNo more working on server configs! No more lag, no more stress! We do all the work for you so you don't have to, choose from 15 revolutionary server setups

5 GB recommended

RPG 1.19.2

5 GB recommended

Custom Recipes 1.19.2

5 GB recommended

Custom Mobs 1.19.2

4 GB recommended

Custom Menus 1.19.2

5 GB recommended

Custom Enchants 1.19.2

5 GB recommended

Custom Rewards 1.19.2
Frequently asked questions

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Are your premade servers really plug and play?

Yes, simply change the "example.com" to your server ip, install Citizens and start advertising your server.

I have an issue, how do I contact you?

For any issues feel free to contact us at discord or send us an email at support@premadesetups.com

How many sales should I expect in the first weeks?

Premade Setups eliminate the stress of having to create a server from skratch, however players will not come to your server unless you make them to. It is your duty as a server owner to contact youtube/twitch creators and get them to RECORD on your server. It is up to you to make TikTok Videos and Twitter posts to promote your community. Up to you, to make events, manage staff and make sales.